Vacations stand for relaxation. Just sitting in the sun and reading a book, having a drink on a terrace or going for a walk. Delightful! Take time during your vacation to relax and unwind....

Double bath with massage jets

Need time for yourself during your vacation? A bubble bath relaxes muscles and joints, which in turn makes you feel wonderfully relaxed. A token for 20 minutes of bubbling is available for €6.00 at reception. You can use the bubble baths at any time, without booking in advance. In the wellness area you will find two private rooms with bubble baths. After the bath visit, you can rinse off under the spacious walk-in shower.

Blow off steam in the sauna

A sauna visit is the perfect time to completely unwind. We all need that sometimes! The private sauna with lounge area and walk-in shower can be rented for an hour and a half, or longer. You can rent the sauna through reception for an hour and a half for €30.00. Each additional half hour is €5.00. The deposit for the sauna is €50.00. Please book one day in advance at the reception.

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